Our Mission

Our Philosophy

ICERT is No.1 Computer Education brand In India working for deprived people.

Rapid Step

Icert is a huge platform to provide computer education & Technical education.

Key Of Success

Nothing is impossible if we have firm to achieve our goal. There is no way without a strong will.

Our Morality

Our first fundamentality is to produce maximum employment by technical education to make nation strong.

About Us

To create leaders, winners and achievers in a global corporate world, it does not only end here but it also wishes to open new vistas of opportunities for its students by understanding their needs and providing them meaningful education.We are committed to continue our imprvement in the quality of education through changes in the delivery systems and by designing and maintaining an environment which will contribute towards better employability of our students. We intend to achieve the above mentioned objectives by continuous improvements in the quality of our inputs as well as the transformation process. Our focus is primarily…………

> To be Education centric
> To be technology driven
> To be people focused
> To be innovative, adaptive and creative
> To attain excellence

150K +
Our Branches
7K +
Enrolled Students
3K +
Placed Students
5K +
Certificate Awarded

Be a part of ICERT and became a successful entrepreneur

Join ICERT today and be a part of ICERT family. If you have a strong will power, you can get all those part of success that you deserve. Only a solid step full of our best tries can give us the solution of various successes to show ourselves & our skill. Really such a type of technical & skill education also help us to ensure our destination as well as present and future also

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